The Brauerei Mittenwald

The motto of the Neuner family who took over the brewery in 1864 hasn’t changed since five generations: regionality equals freshness, variety of flavors and best quality.
Our choice of raw materials has always been based on the highest quality from local areas. Finest hops from the “Hallertau” and malt from the Upper Bavarian region give their specific character to our beers. And the water? Since 1830 the excellent brewing water comes from our own source next to the “Lautersee”. It still provides an important ingredient for the great taste of our Mittenwald beer specialties.
Today the Brauerei Mittenwald presents itself as a medium-sized company, future oriented, both in production as well as in sales and administration.
Still there is a strong leaning towards tradition and time-consuming production of high-quality beer specialties and the consistent implementation of a taste-effective brewing concept.
Each brew is individually boiled, fermented and stored from six to twelve weeks to develop its own individual taste.

Chronicle of the Brauerei Mittenwald