Mittenwalder specialty beers redesigned
On April 26, 2018 we presented our new labels to the public together with the Bavarian beer queen Lena Hochstraßer. We have slightly revised our classic, traditional logo and placed it at the center of the label again. The variety colors are kept natural and the picturesque backdrop of Mittenwald in front of the Karwendel characterize the motif.

Beer tradition in Mittenwald from past to present

All started with the highest rescript of August 2, 1808:
Johann Jochner, tradesman, and Thomas Knilling, “Königlich Bayerischer Posthalter” and host to Mittenwald, receive the permission to produce beer according to the concession certificate. Since that time countless hectoliters of the tasty Mittenwald beers have flowed through thirsty throats. As a daily thirst quencher “Hell”, “Pils”, “Dunkel” or “Export” are recommended and “Märzen” on summer festivals. For special occasions you should try our Bock beers: “Dunkler Bock”, “Weihnachtsbock” or “Heller Bock”. If you prefer less alcohol take a “Radler” (shandy). And if half a liter is too much, “Hell” and “Pils” are also available in 0.33 l bottles. Our wheat beer “Werdenfelser Weiße”, also in the dark and lighter version, round off the variety of beer.
Our lemonades are made of high-quality raw materials.