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  Brewery-owned restaurants  
  Gasthof Stern
Leaseholder: Petra Musch · Fritz-Prölß-Platz 2 · 82481 Mittenwald
phone: 0049 8823-8358 · Fax: 08823-94322 · closed on Mondays.
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Open from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., hot meals are served the whole day, typical Bavarian dishes, daily two menus, beer garden with fantastic view on the Karwendel mountains, children's menu, playground, cosy new guest rooms and opulent breakfast. Guest rooms are available for one night!
You want to celebrate something? Wonderful! With pleasure we arrange your family parties, company events, age-group meetings, Christmas parties, club evenings etc. according to your personal requirements. Ask for our special offer.
Gasthof Stern
  Gasthaus Gries
Leaseholder: Margit Wolfram · Im Gries 41 · D-82481 Mittenwald
phone: 0049 8823-1471· Fax: 08823-3683
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In the so called "Gries", the oldest part of Mittenwald, you find the Gasthof Gries. Tied to tradition and history the "Gasthof Gries" offers a very pleasant and rustic atmosphere. Selected beers, solid meals, typical Bavarian dishes, spicy menus, home made cakes, rooms for company events, weddings and other celebrations for up to 200 persons.
In connection with the modification of the brewery our "Postkeller" is remodeled, too. In November 2014 the new leaseholder – the Jungkunz- family – will reopen it.
If you want to make reservations or contact Mrs. Jungkunz please call
0172-8317463. Find more here:
  Excursion to the Leutaschklamm
Leaseholder: Christian Fichtl · Open from May to October, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
You reach the Leutaschklamm (gorge) within 25 minutes starting in the centre of Mittenwald southwards, following the Innsbrucker Straße to the Isar bridge, then turn right and walk on the shadowy submontane path. You can relax on several benches.
Employees of the Mittenwald brewery constructed the footbridge in the Leutaschklamm. This natural object of interest is identical with the narrow gorge that the glacial water of the Leutasch engraved into the mountain in thousands of years between the higher situated Leutasch valley and the 200 m deeper situated Isar valley. Thanks to the brewery owner Hans Neuner a new footbridge to the gorge was constructed in spring 1975. In the early morning hours of Mai to the beginning of August a wonderful rainbow - produced by a favourable orbit of the sun - can be seen on the 23 m high cataract. The gorge is a popular breeding-place of rare birds. Every year in spring people from the mountain rescue service remove the rocks fallen in the frost period and porous stones. For more information see         

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