Regional products guarantee freshness
Tasteful brewing concept
Regional nearness
means best quality
Beer specialities
are trend-setting
SINCE 1808.
Bier und Wir
  Beertradition in Mittenwald Past and Present  

Considering the worldwide decreasing consumption of beer and the global trend to cartelize – how can a small brewery survive and increase the production?

The Neuner family, who took over the brewery in 1860, never changed her mind: Only the best is sufficient for our customers. Always premium quality raw materials only from the region  are accepted; the best hop brands from the region of "Hallertau" and malt from Upper Bavaria give the special character to their eight own produced beer types. What about the water? Since the year 1830 the excellent brewing water comes from the "Stell", an company owned water spring at the lake "Lautersee", which forms a main part for the typical taste of the beer specialities produced by the Mittenwald Brewery.

Today the private Mittenwald Brewery is a middle-class company; production plant, sales force and administration are well equipped for future expansion. What will never change is the tradition in the time-intensive production process of excellent beer specialities and the consequent realization of a tasteful brewing concept. Each brewing is solely boiled, fermented and stored for approx. six to eight weeks  to develop it´s typical taste. These unprofitable factors are refused by the large brewers.

Considering the enormous trend for consolidations in the brewing industry the Mittenwald Brewery wants to maintain their position as a beer producer of specialities. Instead increasing the output of hectolitres by rapid production the brewery concentrates on meeting the steadily increasing expectations of their pretentious beer drinkers. We are aware of the fact that expansion will not lead to success on the tough beverage market but the production of special beers and the neighbourhood to their customers. Regional nearness means for freshness, variety of taste and best quality.

Fortunately  the Mittenwald Brewery can count on a loyal taste-orientated clientele. More than 100 inn-keepers in the neighbourhood are supplied regularly, many clubs love the beer and the catering on events, two company-owned beverage markets and different supermarkets sell to the private households. The brewery still offers the luxury home service to their customers although most of the breweries already cancelled this service due to its very cost intensive structure.
In the meantime small breweries for specialities are also accepted on the international market. Not only the neighbours in Tyrol/Austria drink our beer from Mittenwald but also the people in the North of Italy. Currently the brewery entered into negotiations with the USA and France.


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